A Southern Gentleman Is: Bo Patten

Sep 06, 2022 at 01:36 pm by RMGadmin

A Southern Genleman Loves their Community

BY Johnny BirdsonG, your southern gentleman
“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Will Rogers. And Bo Patten didn’t need one. I first met Bo after he took the role as CEO of Williamson County Association of Realtors (WCAR) and from the bow tie and seersucker suit, making lasagna from scratch and his love for family and community, I knew he was the perfect fit for A Southern Gentleman Is... – Enjoy!
How would you describe Williamson County to someone who has never been here before?
Williamson County has a fantastic sense of community. It has all the feels and charms of a small town but the modern conveniences and luxuries of a big city! Our residents are involved and caring folks. It really makes Williamson County a fantastic place to call home.
What has motivated you to get to where you are in your career?
My late mother is a huge inspiration in my life, as were my late grandparents. Unfortunately, my dad passed away when I was three years old, so I honor all of their memories and endeavor to be the best I can be, professionally and personally. 
What are your goals for the WCAR?
To strive to make our Association one of the best in the state and region and to continue to offer the highest quality service to our nearly 3,000 members. Also, to ensure that we are a resource to the local community, whether through our advocacy efforts fighting to protect property rights or the many community service projects we undertake. We want to have our members be the leaders in the conversation on Fair Housing so that anyone who wants to live in our community can find attainable housing.
How would you describe the real estate market over the past two years? What about the next two? 
One word. Insane! The growth we have seen in middle Tennessee is just further evidence that Williamson County, and the Nashville area, will continue to be one of the best places in the country to live, work and raise a family. We have seen our county median home price continue to rise over the last several years, and I think it will continue to rise but not quite as sharp as it has been. We have already seen a slight slowdown in the market with the recent rise in interest rates. Still, middle Tennessee will continue to be a moving destination thanks to the excellent leadership of our state and county. 
What are some of your hobbies and favorite pastimes? 
Cooking is a huge passion for me. Growing up in the South, food meant love. Cooking a great meal and hosting friends and family is a fantastic way to show people we care about them. Visiting various farmer’s markets and local stores is a great way to source local ingredients that can tie together the meal and the experience and help create a story behind the food. 
What does being a Gentleman mean? What three qualities do you feel a Southern Gentleman
should uphold?
Being a Southern Gentleman means having a deep love of family, especially your mama. I am a proudly admitted mama’s boy. I lost my mother in 2012 to early on-set dementia when she was fifty-seven, but she is always with me in spirit, watching over me, and having that drive to make her proud is important to me. Second, being a Southern Gentleman means having a strong desire to leave your community in a better place than how you found it or came to it. Whether it is involvement in nonprofits, your church or religious organization, or volunteering, we should always try to find a way to give back. Thirdly, do not lose sight of the small pleasantries and politeness that make the South special. Little things like holding the door open, giving up your seat for someone else, saying yes ma’am/sir, no ma’am/sir, please and thank you. The fourth – bonus point – is a keen sense of fashion. A good seersucker suit or two or three is a must! 
How have the qualities of being a Gentleman helped shape your career in the real estate industry? 
Real estate is a PEOPLE and customer service business. Treating people fairly and politely and how you would want to be treated has prepared me to serve our membership. I love to see our members succeed in their careers and make sure that our Association is here to help them in any way we can as we grow with them in their real estate journey. 
What advice would you tell your younger self today?
Be patient. Enjoy the present moment and life’s little pleasures. You never know when you will not have the chance to again.