The Gentleman Entertains: Hugh's & Don'ts with Hugh Howser

Sep 06, 2022 at 02:24 pm by RMGadmin

If I hear one more word about real estate, I will scream! It seems like such a rat race these days... Then once they finally find their dream home, they move in, and the garage door doesn’t work. Today, it seems to be the only thing anyone is talking about, so why not entertain in the new home you fought your life to get!? Anyways, I am constantly asked about home entertaining and ways to keep your party a step ahead from a warm dip with crudités. So, let’s begin with the basics – I call these my Hugh’s and Don’ts, if you will... 

Guests’ Don’ts: 

Don’t bring a housewarming gift that is not edible. They have just unpacked and have no room for another hand towel.  
Don’t arrive early...five minutes late or after is the only sensible arrival time. The hosts are still trying to figure out the light switches.  
Don’t ask them what to wear. Nothing is more exhausting than explaining attire to someone when they found their favorite pants in a box with a shower curtain liner after the move. 

Hugh's for the Hosts:

My principal rule: Set that thermostat to sixty-eight degrees no matter the season, to keep that place cool and calm.  
Absolutely no LED light bulbs...anywhere. Only soft white and the dimmer, the better. Start with sixty watts and go down. There is nothing worse than an overhead light. Ask anyone.  
Excellent smelling candles in the powder room at all times; my go-to is Diptique “Bais” always a crowd favorite. That’s one hostess gift no one would place in their gift closet. 
Music is key...always have a soft playlist going – the sound of clinking glasses should only be heard inside the dishwasher.  
Three options for food: Have something for everyone and in this world of dietary restrictions – which appeared overnight – it is always good to label them as well!  
As summer fades and everyone’s hair begins to look good again, it is time to gather those we love at our homes and celebrate the new season. It is time for football, boots, warm drinks and divine comfort food. No one cares how many pumpkin bars you ate when engulfed in a cashmere wrap!