Read Between the Lines: Megan Alexander

Dec 19, 2022 at 12:07 pm by RMGadmin

Joys, Wonders & Traditions

The Magic of a Small Town Christmas 

Megan Alexander is an Emmy-nominated national host, author, speaker, actress and the owner of M. Alexander Productions. You may recognize her from Inside Edition and CBS Entertainment, though now she only works seasonally. Most recently, Megan is the creator, Executive Producer and Host of the UPtv Holiday travel show Small Town Christmas – which led to her newest book, The Magic of a Small Town Christmas. 
The Magic of a Small Town Christmas is a picture book that celebrates the joys, wonders and traditions of a small-town Christmas in the spirit of her UPtv show. Each episode of Small Town Christmas takes viewers to experience Christmas in a different small town around the country. Through food, drink, music, entertainment and faith, they highlight local businesses and towns, making Christmas special in their unique way.
Megan expresses, “I have traveled the country for Small Town Christmas and have experienced how so many small towns and the people in them celebrate Christmas in special ways. From longtime local traditions to classic Christmas sights and sounds, I tried to capture an element of each of these towns and incorporate them into this book.”
The Magic of a Small Town Christmas is set in Heartbeat Falls, where skies are crystal clear and the magic of Christmas is celebrated in many ways. There, the residents know the beauty of a small town doesn’t come from its size but from the love shared by its people, shining brightly in their eyes.
“I believe our small towns are the heartbeat of America. And they come to life in magical ways during the holidays. Whether it’s the large Christmas tree in the center of the town square, the kids laughing at the local ice-skating rink, a church filled with Christmas music or the glow of candles in the windows - these small-town scenes are heartwarming to see and experience,” Megan shares.
Heartbeat Falls may be an imaginary town, but Megan hopes that when you turn the pages, you will see a little of your hometown, your local holiday traditions and your neighbors in the words and illustrations, just as she does when she celebrates with her own family. Megan admits, “There is no place like home for the holidays.”
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