Summer Lovin': Spicy Summer Reads

May 09, 2023 at 10:41 am by RMGadmin

Dive into these spicy reads

with Emily Evans
Spring is here! Days are longer! School is winding down. Soon we can spend more time relaxing on the porch, by the lake, at the pool or on the sidelines of our children's’ summer activities. Hopefully, as we slow down, there will be a little extra time to catch up on new books.
I love to read all genres throughout the year, but my summer reading tends to fall in the best-selling romance category. As I already follow #Booktok and #Spicytok, there are many romance book recommendations trending on TikTok that I have added to my must-read list. Here are a few of my favorite authors who are trending.
Tess Bailey 
With many stand-alone books as well as many series, these are all hard to put down once you begin reading. The Bellinger Sisters series and The Hot and Hammered series are two of my most favorite. She writes heartfelt, sexy romances with humor and endings that put a smile on your face.
Elle Kennedy 
Another award-winning author, Elle’s  contemporary romance books are flying off the shelves, and being downloaded on Kindles everywhere. I first read her Off-Campus series and was hooked instantly, literally, read the five books in five days! Then I read the quartet of the Briar U series in another four days! Her characters typically are strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, with just enough heated romance and some rebellion to make it impossible to put the book down.
Lucy Score
Hailing from my home state of Pennsylvania, Lucy has published over thirty books. She tends to write small-town contemporary rom-coms that have emotional storylines, but are funny and have the Hallmark Channel endings. Her stories are easy to get into quickly, the characters grow and develop well, and there is always a perfect blend of plot and spice. Most recently, she has captured readers’ hearts with her Knockemout series, which includes Things We Never Got Over and Things We Hide from the Light.
I am looking forward to summer and some extra time to catch up on my long list of books I want to read. The following romance books are just some of the many on my summer reading list.

On my reading list

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