Laying Down Roots with WCAR

Sep 05, 2023 at 11:15 am by RMGadmin

Williamson County is highly regarded for its exceptional schools, diverse retail sector and the growing presence of corporate headquarters. It is no surprise that this county has become a highly desirable place to live, offering a fantastic community with a wealth of amenities such as outstanding restaurants, shopping options, recreational activities and beautiful parks. One of the significant draws for individuals and families considering relocation to Williamson County is the absence of a state income tax and comparatively lower property taxes, making it an attractive choice for many.


As the county continues to experience an influx of new residents from across the nation, it is crucial to recognize the vital role that REALTORS® play in facilitating the home-buying process. These professionals tirelessly navigate the complexities and stresses of purchasing a home, ensuring that their clients find the perfect property to meet their needs and preferences. In order to gain insights into the current market and provide valuable guidance for both buyers and agents, we had the opportunity to sit down with Kathie Moore, the 2023 President of the Williamson County Association of REALTORS®.


During our discussion, we asked Kathie about her advice for buyers and agents in the coming months and her perspective on the direction of the market. Her expertise and experience shed light on the ever-changing real estate landscape and the importance of having a knowledgeable and dedicated REALTOR® by your side. With the continuous growth and development in Williamson County, the guidance and support of a REALTOR® have become even more crucial in navigating the complexities of the housing market and ensuring a successful home-buying experience.


In regard to the future of the market, here is what Kathie shared:
KM: I wish I had a crystal ball! The FED is focused on getting inflation under control (closer to two percent annual core inflation). Unfortunately, this has led to the highest interest rates on consumer borrowing in twenty years. This includes higher interest rates on home purchases. Yet, life circumstances require some people to buy or sell their home, even in this environment. REALTORS® as seller’s agents can help position their client’s home in the market through home staging, pre-listing home inspections, professional photography to show a home at its best, open house strategies to make the home available for viewing to agents and buyers, aggressive pricing, and making the home as accessible to showing agents and their clients as possible. 
Working with buyers, the agent will be referring their clients to lender partners who can structure the best loan for their circumstances, educate their buyers about the current rates and get the buyer to the closing table with the least amount of hassle possible. REALTORS® can guide the buyer as they make an offer on a home by having a deep understanding of the contracts used to purchase a home, understanding the target home’s micro market (what’s sold recently, what’s staying on the market a little longer and why), helping the buyer structure an offer that will be attractive to this particular seller through conversations with the seller’s agent and making sure all the communications between both agents are consistent, timely and complete. 
WCAR: For buyers in search of a REALTOR®, what would you advise them to look for? What makes an exceptional REALTOR®?
KM: An exceptional REALTOR® has great communication skills, an engaging personality, listens carefully to their clients to understand their needs, asks great questions, is honest and has great integrity, is innovative in their approach to marketing, has a great network of connections (painters, repair persons, architects, appraisers, home inspectors, electricians, HVAC contractors, etc) and is completely loyal to their clients.
WCAR: What does a REALTOR® do?
KM: A REALTOR® facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers. REALTORS® are licensed by the State. All states have different laws regarding how real estate transactions are legally accomplished in the state. REALTORS® also become certified or educated to become more specialized in their field.  This may include learning more about working specifically with buyers, with sellers or specializing in the luxury market, in condominiums, farms and land. 


WCAR: What benefits do REALTORS® offer to sellers? 
KM: REALTORS® offer sellers great advice about how to position their home in the market. Positioning includes assisting with pricing through any number of tools, most often a CMA or comparative market analysis. Understanding how the seller’s home compares to similar homes on the market is important. Comparing homes involves research for similar homes in a geographic area, school district and, finally, a neighborhood to arrive at a price range acceptable to the seller and attractive to a buyer. The REALTOR® will also have an understanding of how an appraiser, working for a lender, would view a home and assign value. The REALTOR® will know how to negotiate with a buyer’s agent on behalf of the seller to get the best price for the home. Additionally, the REALTOR® will be skillful in getting a transaction successfully to the closing table through inspections, appraisals and the buyer’s financing.
WCAR: What is it like (if applicable) to be a REALTOR® (perks, challenges etc.)?
KM: Since a REALTOR® is an independent contractor, we have to utilize our time wisely, budget our time and money carefully, as well as have a routine for workdays. There is no longer a “boss” guiding our days and planning our work – it’s all up to us!


The perks are – there is no boss, the day is all yours to use however you wish! The challenges are – there is no boss! 
Without a written plan for our day, month, and year, we can fail to plan financially for the good months and the not-so-good months.  We each have to learn to be good stewards of our time and money. There are lots of systems we can put in place in our businesses – many involve our time, money and effort to make us successful. 
Goal setting is important – these can be personal goals – like learning new skills or business goals – like knowing how much money you need to earn to keep your household afloat. 
In conclusion, Kathie Moore, the President of the Williamson County Association of REALTORS®, provided valuable insights into the role of REALTORS® in the home buying process. As licensed professionals, REALTORS® serve as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, ensuring smooth and successful transactions. An exceptional REALTOR® possesses qualities such as honesty, integrity, innovation in marketing strategies, and a vast network of reliable connections. With these qualities and responsibilities, REALTORS® play an indispensable role in guiding clients through the complex world of real estate, providing them with dedicated and loyal support throughout the home-buying process. 


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