Preserving Heritage and Shaping the Future

Sep 05, 2023 at 12:15 pm by RMGadmin

The “I Am Williamson County” column features individuals in Williamson County who are known and unknown, as staples of our community, doing good, being seen and exuding Williamson County! This month we feature Courtney Daniel, a resident of Williamson County for twenty-one years. Courtney has established her roots in Williamson County with her husband, Matt and their family. After fifteen years of working in Pediatrics and Neonatology, Courtney transitioned to Nurse Practitioner. Her journey reflects her drive for the community, while her involvement in community events, such as the Hog Ball, and many other local organizations, underscores her commitment to preserving the county’s heritage and shaping its future.
YW: What is your profession and what led you to choose it?
CD: I am a Nurse Practitioner now. I was very undecided on what I wanted to do when I first started college. I changed my major a few times. The University I attended, had a very reputable nursing program, so after talking with an advisor and discussing my strengths and weaknesses, I decided to go the nursing route. I worked in Pediatrics and Neonatology for fifteen years before becoming a Nurse Practitioner. I decided to pursue that advanced degree because I really liked the idea of autonomy in my practice. Healthcare is typically a puzzle or a mystery, and I wanted to be able to play a larger role in solving the problems.
YW: What are three words that best describe you?
CD: Driven, Loyal and Witty.
YW: Where is your favorite place to go in Williamson County and why?
CD: Harlinsdale Farm is my favorite place in Williamson County. Not only is it beautiful but it has such a rich history. A sunset at Harlinsdale is truly one of the most beautiful things to experience.
YW: What keeps you motivated and inspired?
CD: My deep sense of purpose and the desire to make a positive impact within my family, career and community. I find immense satisfaction in setting meaningful goals and working diligently to achieve them. I am also blessed to be surrounded by some amazing people, in my husband, family and close friends. They all truly inspire me to be the best person I can be. I know that may sound cheesy, but have you met them? Ultimately, the prospect of contributing to something larger than myself and leaving a legacy that benefits others is what keeps me driven and excited every day.
YW: What organizations are you involved with and why? 
CD: I am directly involved with Hog Ball. I also try and volunteer with Friends of Franklin Parks and A Vintage Affair, as I can. These events and organizations are geared towards preserving Franklin and Williamson County and helping the members of this community. 
YW: Tell us about the Hog Ball and your involvement.
CD: The main goal of the event is to recreate the nostalgia of Franklin decades ago and host a “party with a purpose,” that’s open to everyone, no matter how long they’ve lived in Franklin. Last year was our first event and it was overwhelmingly successful We easily sold 150 tickets and enjoyed an evening of dancing, mingling and raising money for a local cause. This year we have added 100 additional tickets, capping at 250. This year and last, 100% of the money raised is going to help with the development and completion of Ellie G’s Dream World, an inclusive playground meant for children and adults of all abilities being built in the memory of Elliot Grace Castro. I was there from the inception of the idea and have worked with a committee to plan one of (what I believe) is the best nights of the year. It has been really cool to work alongside ten of my closest friends to create an event that positively impacts our community.
YW: Finish this statement: I AM Williamson County because…
CD: I value and respect the tradition, southern charm and rich history that this county is rooted in. I am a proud resident who has raised our two boys here-becoming part of an unbroken lineage stretching back eight generations.  The legacy of Williamson County is important to me; connecting me to a heritage of hardworking people and resilient families who laid a foundation for a thriving community we cherish today. I hope to be a steward of this heritage, nurturing the values of family, respect and community that have endured for generations. From the beauty of Main Street to the echo of distant Civil War cannons, I AM Williamson County - a keeper of its history, a bearer of its charm, and a torchbearer for its future. Rooted in the past and grounded in the present, I am a testament to the enduring essence of this remarkable corner of the South.

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