Unveiling the Royal Contenders

Sep 05, 2023 at 02:44 pm by RMGadmin

In the heart of Williamson County, a vibrant and spirited celebration is brewing – the 2024 Mardi Gras Ball benefiting My Friend’s House. This highly anticipated event not only promises a night of enchantment and revelry but also serves in the noble purpose of raising funds to support our local home for boys. My Friend’s House is a group-care facility offering temporary, short-term residential support for typically eight at-risk male youth ages twelve to eighteen. When you support My Friend’s House, you support an organization dedicated to transforming the lives of at-risk youth. At the forefront of this remarkable endeavor stands four couples, each with a profound commitment to their community and a shared belief in the power of giving back. Over the next few issues we will visit with My Friend’s House to learn more about them and their mission. For now, let us introduce you to the couples who will spend the next several months sharing the amazing story of this incredible organization and asking for your  support in their quest to wear the crown!

Shelly Robertson Birdsong & Johnny Birdsong
Shelly and Johnny are the owners of  Robertson Media Group, LLC and Publishers of
YOUR Williamson. And they are in it to win it! They both love to socialize and mix and mingle and...know a few people...so they will be making sure as many people as possible know what an amazing cause this is and to give give give! And of course, who doesn’t love a crown!
“We believe to much is given, much is expected,” says Johnny. “That is why being involved in great organizations like My Friend’s House means so much to both of us. We can only hope by running for King and Queen, we can raise awareness and create an interest in supporting this amazing effort. What we do now, to help define a child’s life for the better, will create an opportunity for them to grow into healthy, productive adults with a positive influence from their time with MFH. If I can personally benefit even one boy while participating in this event, it will be life-changing for me and I hope for them.”
Shedrick and Rochelle are participating because they believe in the mission of My Friend’s House and wholeheartedly support the nonprofit organization, because of its remarkable commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of at-risk boys. Understanding the immense challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness, abuse or mental health issues, they believe every person deserves a safe and dignified environment to thrive in.
They believe MFH  goes above and beyond in providing essential resources, shelter and support to those in need. The organization’s unwavering dedication to offering comprehensive assistance, empowerment and guidance aligns perfectly with Shedrick and Rochelle’s core values of compassion and inclusivity. 

Rochelle & Shedrick Wright 

Tricia Lesh & George Tucker

George Tucker and Tricia Lesh are passionate about serving their community and advocating for those in the greatest need. They are parents to young men and recognize the importance of helping at-risk boys to become confident men and help them find their passions in life - allowing them to be more peaceful, successful and satisfied adults. 
As both parents and community volunteers, they feel strongly about the time and attention spent on these young men who come to my friend’s house at their most vulnerable times. They would  love for the community to  help them raise awareness and financial support for My Friend’s House!
Courtney Hunter and Larry Moscowitz’s primary mission is to spread the word about My Friend’s House. They truly believe that once people learn about My Friend’s House and the boys it serves, they will support it however they can.
Both Courtney and Larry believe in the importance of giving back to their community and are honored to help My Friend’s House meet its fundraising goals this year. The most important gifts children can receive are an education and a supportive community. Courtney and Larry have seen first-hand how My Friend’s House provides both to the boys in its care. They have volunteered for My Friend’s House in various capacities in the past because they believe in its mission, and they have seen how this program can positively influence the boys. My Friend’s House has the ability to provide at-risk youth with access to the care and resources they need to heal from their past and prepare for a better future.
They feel this is a worthy goal: no child should be defined by their adverse circumstances and every child has the potential to become a successful adult.

Courtney Hunter & Larry Moscowitz