We Are Williamson County: Matt & Julie Brown

Dec 05, 2023 at 09:37 am by RMGadmin

The “I Am Williamson County” column features individuals in Williamson County who are known and unknown as staples of our community, doing good, being seen and exuding Williamson County! This month, we feature Julie and Matt Brown. Julie and Matt are familiar faces in Williamson County, especially throughout Franklin. They moved to the area in 2017 and have been an integral part of the community since their arrival. Both Julie and Matt are very involved with the community and local organizations. Along with his local company BrandMETTLE, Matt currently serves as Alderman and Vice-Mayor on the City of Franklin Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Julie has been overseeing their latest exciting commitment, taking on the re-opening and running of the  Five Points Post Office. Their passion for contributing to Franklin in profound and impactful ways, shows how much they love Franklin and its values. Learn more about Julie and Matt and how they ARE Williamson!


What are your professions, and what led you to choose them?

JB: I started out as a high school teacher and later became a homeschool teacher. I wanted to do something with kids and loved the idea of getting them excited about learning. When we started our family, I homeschooled which was a great decision for us as we were moving around about every three years. Once we decided to move to Franklin, we put all three kids into school. At that time, we had one in elementary, middle and high school!  It was a bit of an adjustment for sure. Shortly after they went back to school,  I got into real estate because I love helping people find their home! There’s a “Wow” factor for people when they find the home that’s going to work for them. It’s a lot of fun to be a part of that!


MB: I served in the Ohio Army National Guard for six years in Public Affairs, while also attending The Ohio State University earning a degree in Public Relations. I had my first salaried marketing job in college working for a science museum in Columbus, Ohio. After I graduated Ohio State, I found myself in a producer role, planning large festivals and ground breakings. While producing a jersey unveiling event for the Columbus Blue Jackets, I met a man who would later become a mentor to me and who offered me an agency job working in healthcare. I fell in love with market research and strategy development. I especially loved the intentionality and impact of developing strong brands. I’ve spent the past three decades conducting focus groups, moderating strategic workshops and building brands. 


What are three words that best describe you?

JB: Passionate, Energetic, Determined

MB: Tenacious, Visionary, Service-oriented


Where is your favorite place to go in WC and why?

JB: I LOOOOVE Main Street! It reminds me of Bedford Falls from “It’s a Wonderful Life” and gives me a Norman Rockwell/nostalgic feeling that I love! It’s why I call Franklin my “snowglobe.”
MB: I also love downtown Franklin. I’m pretty content staying inside the Mack Hatcher loop! In terms of specific places, I gravitate towards those places that have a small town feel and I love when you bump into a lot of old Franklin, like at the Halfway Market! 


What keeps you motivated and inspired?
JB: What keeps me motivated is seeing that something I’m doing brings joy to someone else. Knowing that I can play a small role in bringing joy to someone else inspires me.
MB: I love helping others. Seeing a direct connection between my actions and the joy of others keeps me going!

What is the one thing you do not go a day without?

JB: Being grateful. God has blessed me over and over again throughout my life, I can’t go a day without being grateful. I kind of make it into a game to keep my eyes open for it.  Being grateful doesn’t always jump off the page every day.  Some days it’s just harder than others, so I consciously keep my eyes open to see where God’s going to lay something out for me to be grateful for.


MB: Prayer and coffee. I know that is two things, but I really need both to get through the day!


What organizations are you both involved with and why?

JB: I’m involved with our church, Church of the City. The other organization I am most fully committed to is the Brown family. Ha! Seriously, I’ve not been as involved in other community organizations because our kids and their activities keep me pretty busy.


MB: I am on the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, as well as, on the boards of Unite Williamson, Sister Cities of Franklin and Williamson County, and the African American Heritage Society.  I am a member of the Downtown Franklin Rotary. I am also on the Franklin Trails Committee and The Franklin Tomorrow Outreach Committee. Each one of these organizations has a place in my heart for their mission and impact in our community. 


Why did you get involved with re-opening the Five Points Post Office?

JB:We will actually be in contract with the USPS and will work alongside of them. I wanted to keep the post office downtown because it’s important to the function of Franklin. There’s history here. There’s uniqueness to it. If we let it go, it would disappear and I can’t let that happen.


MB: Of all the ways I thought our family would serve Franklin, a Post Office wasn’t even on the list. But I saw Julie get really excited about the idea and we both witnessed the community disappointment when it closed. My wife and my community – I can’t say “no” to either of them!


What will be your ongoing involvement with the Post Office?

JB: I will be working at and managing the post office on a daily basis. I’m excited to get to know people better and see them every day.  We’re offering more than just stamps and shipping services, so there will be a lot going on to keep me very busy.
MB: My greatest contribution will be supporting and encouraging Julie. But I’ll also take the lead in expanding the Business Services offering, which will be critical to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Five Points Post Office.


What plans do you have for the Five Points Post Office and what changes will be taking place?

JB: Of course, we’ll be selling stamps and shipping services as well as post office boxes. Additionally, we have plans to build it into a place for the community.  We’ll be offering general store retail and business services. We will have an area that highlights our non-profits so people can learn more about them and get involved. We will also have an art gallery that will feature work from local artists.
MB: I’m most excited about it being a place that celebrates our community. From showcasing non-profits to featuring items for sale from student entrepreneurs from the WCS EIC. Returning postal operations to the city is important, but we also appreciate the value of this place to our residents and we want to make sure that we stay focused on using the space to serve the community.


Why do you feel it is important having the Post Office operating again in downtown Franklin?

JB:You can’t have a downtown without a post office! It brings people together on a daily basis and reminds us that we are first and foremost a community!  I just heard a story on the radio today about someone’s adult child asking them why they still go to the bank when they could do it all online.  Their answer was so they could talk to the people there.  I think Five Points Post Office offers that exact connection.


MB:Over the past couple of months, Julie and I have heard countless stories from residents and business owners. For some, this location is a part of family history, for others it is a convenient service close to home or work, and for others, it is literally a life-line for themselves or their business.


Finish this statement: “I am Williamson County because…”

JB & MB: Because we won’t think twice about giving our time and resources to help our community. To us, that is what Williamson County is all about – faithful, generous and servant residents being there for each other. We saw that when we first arrived in town and are committed to continuing that tradition.