We Are Williamson: Kellye & Paul King

Feb 28, 2024 at 02:51 pm by RMGadmin

Offering A Place For All to Gather

The “I Am Williamson County” column features individuals in Williamson County who are known and unknown as staples of our community, doing good, being seen and unseen, and exuding Williamson County.


This month, we feature Paul and Kellye King. Paul and Kellye own Halfway Market & Diner, which serves as a gathering place for the who’s-who of Williamson County. You can run into everyone from the Mayor, the Sheriff, or your first-grade teacher. Learn more about Paul and Kellye’s passion for providing a sense of community in this edition’s interview.


How long have you lived in Williamson County? What is it about WC that makes it feel like home to you?

Unlike most, we are Williamson County natives, and it will always be home. We are blessed with many life-long friendships, although in our business, we are grateful to meet new friends every day.


What is your profession, and what led you to choose it?

We have had other careers throughout our lifetime, and Paul is still doing some roofing work with Paul King Roofing, which he has had for thirty-five years. However, our “profession” has been operating Halfway Market for the last sixteen years. We bought the business from our dear friends Ernie and Pam Greer because we loved the idea of serving our community in this way. In each location we’ve operated from, we’ve had the unique experience of being a destination for that hometown feel that is being lost...and the food is good, too!


Three words that best describe you. 

Welcoming, hard-working and caring.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Family is very important to us; they are our focus when we aren’t at the store. The few times of the year when we shut down, we try to get in the car and discover new small communities, eat other people’s food, learn their community’s story, and … the occasional trip to the water!


Where is your favorite place to go in WC, and why?

With the hours our business requires, our favorite place to be is … home!


What keeps you motivated and inspired?

This is the easiest question to answer – our customers! It has been a blessing to watch families grow, children become adults, be a part of people’s daily lives and know their stories. The downside is losing dear friends who become like family.


What organizations are you involved with and why?

Running a restaurant doesn’t allow for much time to be involved with much; however, we find ways to support the people and causes that matter to us whenever we can.


What is the one thing you do not go a day without?

Talking to people we love!


We are Williamson County because …

We’d like to think that we offer a place for people to come together, get to know each other over a meal and provide a feeling of community in what has become a much larger, fast-paced county.