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Apr 05, 2024 at 04:19 pm by RMGadmin

Nashville’s Sparkling Rite to Spring

By Julie Walton Garland

As dew drops glitter like diamonds and soft petals unfurl beneath the gentle caress of the golden sun, spring is bursting into life with elegance and vigor. This year, nature’s symphony plays out in the striking hues of sapphires and emeralds, echoing the brilliance and bright feelings of the season.


Amongst the flowering magnolias and cascading dogwood blooms, whispers of excitement float from Nashville through Williamson County, signaling the arrival of the Iroquois Steeplechase – a celebration where over eighty years of our community’s elite horse racing tradition meets modern sophistication and the spirit of showmanship in all its forms.
Equal parts sporting event and social scene, the annual run brings together over 25,000 spectators and equestrians to enjoy a day at the races complete with brunch parties, tailgating and more in support of local philanthropic endeavors. From the lush grounds of Percy Warner Park to the dapper style of attendees in their finery, springtime beauty is everywhere you look.
As hooves thunder across emerald fields, spring couture is on full display. Equestrian-inspired motifs are popular especially for pendants, while statement pieces adorned with pearls and diamonds capture the essence of refined Southern charm. Of course, you can never go wrong with florals and pastels this time of year.
In this grand spectacle, attendees dressed in their finest attire are bedecked with jewels that mirror the splendor of nature coming into her own. Dressing for the season is a true delight at Iroquois Steeplechase where springtime fashion and timeless elegance intertwine.
Celebrate this Southern tradition in style at Walton’s Jewelry where our GIA-educated experts are ready to share our newest arrivals and most popular pieces of fine antique jewelry in our downtown Franklin showroom.

To learn more about Walton’s, visit or their store on Main Street in downtown Franklin.