Navigating a Pandemic with Williamson Medical Center

Aug 31, 2020 at 12:43 pm by RMGadmin

On March 5, 2020, Williamson Medical Center (WMC) confirmed the first positive Coronavirus case in Tennessee. Since then, physicians and staff have worked around the clock to ensure proper protocols and procedures are set in place to support the safety and health of the community. By closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and strictly following CDC guidelines, WMC has remained ready to serve.

“It is truly an unprecedented time in our world, nation and community,” said Donald Webb, WMC CEO. “The emergence and continuing spread of COVID-19 has created many challenges for the healthcare industry, including WMC. Our priority remains providing care our community can trust while protecting our patients and staff. We have worked hard to incorporate added measures of safety for those we serve and are fully confident in the protocols we have in place.”

WMC has taken its role as a trusted health leader seriously throughout the pandemic and has worked hard to keep the community informed through hospital updates,

virus information and the advocacy of community-wide protection measures. The response and support from the community has been incredibly positive.

In an effort to mindfully reserve PPE for staff on the frontlines serving COVID-19 patients, and in accordance with CDC guidelines, WMC extended a request

to the community for donations of hand-sewn courtesy masks. Soon after, donations began pouring in. Not only was the hospital adequately supplied with PPE and courtesy masks, but community members also donated meals, treats, gift cards and signs of gratitude for our staff. 

 “From an outpouring of donations from members of our community to the unwavering support our hospital staff has shown each other and those we serve, I cannot say thank you enough,” said Webb. “We have overcome many challenges, celebrated many triumphs, and remain dedicated in our commitment to ensure the health of our community and those in need.”

Preventative and preparedness measures implemented throughout the pandemic have ensured WMC stands ready to serve any in need of healthcare. During the initial

weeks of the pandemic, fear kept far too many people from seeking routine medical care, complicating some situations and negatively impacting long-term outcomes for others. By continuing to follow proper safety guidelines, WMC provides a secure environment to deliver safe and effective care.

In addition to existing protection procedures, enhanced protocols implemented at WMC include:

• A screening process for all patients, staff and visitors entering our facilities

• A campus-wide mask requirement

• Instructional signage, distance-appropriate rooms and strategically spaced appointment times to reinforce social distancing and minimize patient interaction

• A limited visitor policy allowing only necessary caregivers with patients

• Added sanitation protocols • Telehealth services

WMC is closely monitoring community case numbers to remain adequately prepared. While the future of the pandemic remains unknown, joint efforts from medical personnel and community members will ensure our region remains as healthy as possible.

“Please remain safe and diligent,” said Webb. “It is imperative that we all do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 such as following the CDC guidelines to social distance, wear face coverings in public settings and practice diligent hand washing, we will get through this together.”

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