Your Real Estate: The Value of a Legacy Vacation Home... PRICELESS

May 19, 2021 at 09:37 am by RMGadmin

In this world, the tangible is not always necessarily the valuable. True value lies in moments shared with loved ones, hearing an abundance of laughter spilling across a room, or maybe finding out something new about someone familiar by slowing down and taking the time to pay attention. Yes, these idealistic instances in time can occur anywhere, but why should they?

Business is booming, Real Estate is moving and we wouldn't have it any other way!

When deciding to purchase a Legacy Vacation Home, there is no better destination than Scenic Highway 30A, Northwest Florida. Here along the shimmering turquoise waters of the Gulf Coast of Mexico, there is an abundance of opportunities to unplug and reconnect with the entire family in style.
When you purchase property on 30A, you are not only securing your own slice of paradise, you are cementing years of memories to come.

Selling Paradise has been my favorite thing since 1998 and now it seems the world agrees! The Florida Panhandle ranked as the #1 Vacation Rental Market in the US for 2020 according to the National Association of Realtors. The rankings, based on a three-bedroom, two-bath stand-alone home, compare vacation housing “hot-spots’” cost of homeownership, short-term revenue potential, cost to acquire, and annual appreciation as well as projected changes in asset value. 

The second home market is hot here on 30A and “urban flight” has made our area even more desirable! When you can work from home and go to school remotely, why not live at the beach? Whether it’s an investment property or a “Legacy” beach home for your family to start making memories, I can help find the perfect one. As a member of “WHO’S WHO IN LUXURY REAL ESTATE” and a Board of Regents member, I represent a premier, International group of agents that specialize in selling those “right” addresses.

I have been the #1 Selling agent on Scenic Hwy 30A since 2015 remaining in the top 1% of Realtors on 30A in listings & sales. God has blessed me so much! It was always my dream to live here, now my passion is helping others make that same dream a reality. I have sold over $572,000,000 worth of Real Estate in my career… so far!

Believe me when I say, “When you own property on Scenic Hwy 30A, you’ll be SMILING too!” 

Linda Miller: Broker at Linda Miller Real Estate,

After growing up with the happiest memories of family times at the beach, she fulfilled her childhood prediction having once said, “one day I’m going to live here”. The sugar white sands and crystal clear waters of the Gulf coast were etched in her mind. She knew this was the place she belonged! Little did she know that not only would she move here, but she would help thousands of people make their dreams of living here a reality as well.


I was a client of David Votta, he helped me find my home in Nashville, and when I was ready for that beach house of my dreams, I knew I could count on him for a RE agent recommendation.  My trust in David gave me the assurance that I would be in good hands.  His endorsement of Linda Miller, the smile of 30A couldn’t have been a more perfect match.  As a team they both possess the traits of integrity, responsibility and ambition. They are dependable and honest and aim to please.  Their attention to detail is of utmost importance to ensure I was extremely happy with my decision. Together they make a perfect team. 
- Jacqueline Qualls