Letter From the Publisher: September 2021

Sep 10, 2021 at 04:14 pm by RMGadmin

Dear Readers, 

What is that saying? The best friends are old friends? It feels like home to me? Those two adages strike a chord in me often, and so often they go together, because so often, where there are friends, you find your home and you are always at home among friends. I have the bible verse “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them,” Matthew 18:20 hanging in my kitchen, where of course it perpetuates the idea that ours is a home of friendship and all are welcome at our table and in our home. And those that gather here, do so in the presence of the Lord. It comforts me to think of our home that way, just as being with friends comforts my soul and calms my heart when I am gathered with them.

In recent times, we have not gathered so much, and our friendships have suffered the absence of nearness if not faithfulness – thank goodness for social media and all manner of digital technology in a time of COVID! But there is nothing like a face-to-face smile to brighten a room; a warm hug to lift the most down of days and for me, being the social butterfly that I am, nothing lights me up with enthusiasm like coming into a place filled with people and energy and chatter and oomph! It’s magic! 

Thank goodness we have had that back lately and looking forward to more of it. In only a short time, so much of what we all took for granted and even sadly, so many of those we took for granted, disappeared from our worlds. We have lost some of those friends who lit up our lives. I am sure we are all grieving in many ways from a year and a half of a pandemic no one really understands or in all honesty, has truly come to terms with. And we just all have to realize, we ARE in it together in our shared experience of simply having lived through it.

When I see my old friends and I go to events, we share war stories, and laugh about toilet paper and groan over words like pivot (groan) – but mostly we all silently agree that we are glad to be here and glad to be back. It’s good to be home. It’s good to be among friends and for all who gather here, we know – he is with us. 

Welcome to fall Williamson County! We hope to see you friends under the Friday night lights, in the Grove (wherever yours may be) and playing in the new fallen leaves of autumn in coming weeks. Enjoy!

Shelly Robertson Birdsong
Shelly Robertson Birdsong | Publisher

My dear friend Ralph Drury and I - do we  have some tales to tell! What a  special man in my life - a mentor and father figure whether he realized it or not. How blessed I have been to know him; how grateful I am he got me involved in his incredible charity a vintage affair, so many years ago now. Congratulations to Ralph and all of those who have worked tirelessly for twenty one years raising funds and serving wonderful organizations for women and children in Williamson County. Learn more at: avintageaffair.org


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